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are you live?

Wow, It's amazing to live this egloos. It is just frozen. haha.

I'm finding the place which I want to write my deep mind. however, lots of places are in public. thanks for living now.

by 팅이 | 2019/05/23 23:52 | 트랙백

애비야~ 가만히 앉아있지 말고 걸어라.

애비야~ 가만히 앉아있지 말고 걸어라.

우리 아기 졸릴때 가만히 안고 있으면 칭얼거리며 저런 이야기를 하는 것 같다. 

by 팅이 | 2015/10/04 17:34 | [日常 (일상)] | 트랙백

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